2021, LA MINUTE VIEILLE , serie TV directed by Fabrice Maruca.   / Bakea Production FR A-T ProductionsBE


2020, SAUCE À PART, short film directed by Yoann Zimmer.  1080 films BE


2020, Les Engagés : XAOC , serie directed by Sullivan Le Postec & William Samaha . Slash FR Astharté & Compagnie FR. Narrative Nation BE

2020, EN FIN DE CONTE, short film directed by Zoé Arene.  Wrong men films BE


2020, Paul Gaze , music video by Marine Dricot / Bilou , directed by Marine Dricot / Bilou. Bruxelles ma belle. TOUTI DRAMA BE

2020, FEU, music video by Pépite , directed by Roxanne Gaucherand. KOKORO BE


2019, LA RESSOURCE HUMAINE, short film directed by Adriana da Fonseca. Kwassa Films BE

2019, LE SOLEIL DANS LES YEUX, feature film directed by Nganji Mutiri. Dancing Dog  Films BE


2019, FOREVER, music video by Oklou , directed by Roxanne Gaucherand. KOKORO BE

2019, I COMME, TV show , RTL TVI BE

2019, À PRÉSENT, music video by Marie Warnant, directed by Sébastien Alouf,  BE

2019, LOSERS REVOLUTION, feature film directed by Thomas Ancora - Grégory Beghin. Kwassa Films BE


2019, LA CLOCHE SONNE , short film by Ely Chevillot. Take Five BE


2019, REVUES, music video by Pépite , directed by Roxanne Gaucherand. KOKORO BE

2019, VORTEX , short film by V/K Kristell Chenut & Vincent Lacrocq. CANAL + & Bizibi FR

 2018, DETOX , serie directed by Emmanuel Sapolsky .

Studio 4 / France Televisions films FR , Noon / KABO Productions FR, New Bee FR, Les Gens BE


2018, THE HOLE IN THE GROUND , (Belgium shoot) Feature film directed by Lee Cronin . Savage films IE , Wrong Men North BE, Made FI 

2018, FLASH, (stunt shoot) short film directed by Barney Frydman. Scarfilms BE , Take five BE.


2018, LOLA VERS LA MER, Emergence 20th session-France, support programme for feature film directed by Laurent Micheli. Emergence cinéma FR , Wrong Men North BE, 10:15 Productions FR, Lunanime BE


2017, CROCS, short film directed by Sébastien Vanicek. La Ruche Production FR & Néon Rouge sprl BE

2017, AMINE, short film directed by Noha Choukrallah. Wendigo Films FR, Luna Bleu Films BE, Ambiances asbl BE, Abyssal Process sprl BE

2017, ÂPRES APRÈS, music video by François & The Atlas Mountains, directed by Roxanne Gaucherand. KOKORO BE

2016, LE VENTRE VIDE, short film directed by Flore Bleiberg, Stempel films  BE

2016, CE QUI DEMEURE, short film directed by Anne-Lise Morin. Hélicotronc SPRL BE & Ultime Razzia productions  BE  

2016, LES INCAPABLES short film directed by Roxanne Gaucherand.  Atelier Réalisation INSAS BE

2016, CABRIOLET, (set: appartmentmusic video by Odezenne, directed by Marine Dricot. Cheval Deux Trois Productions Company BE

2014, LA LIONNE OU L’AUTRUCHE, short film directed by Isabelle Sebagh. Huis Clos Films FR




2018,LA TREVE S2, serie TV directed by Matthieu Donck, 
Art director Catherine Cosme. Helicotronc productions & RTBF BE

2018, LOLA VERS LA MER, feature film directed by Laurent Micheli, Art director Catherine Cosme. Wrong Men North BE, 10:15 Productions FR, Lunanime BE

Régisseur d'extérieur  / art dep.

2020, L'OPERA , serie TV created by Cécile DUCROCQ. 
Art director Catherine Cosme. OCS Tv . TELFRANCE & CIE  FR & BELGALINE PRODUCERS  BE

Déco et Costumes

2019, LES GLAçONS, short film directed by Sara Duffosé. La Ravageuse Saga BE


2017, REINE CROCODILE, short film directed by Charles Habib Drouot. Tact production FR & Néon Rouge sprl BE

2015, PARIS LOVE CONSPIRACY, short film directed by Vincent Dale.  Correspondence films USA & Huis Clos Films FR

Assistant - Décorateur

2017, CHANTE (Love Michel Fugain) music video by Kids United  directed by HoBo & MoJo, Euro Picture / Play On FR

2016, CE QUI ÉCHAPPE, short film directed by Ely Chevillot, Mediadiffusion  BE

2015, LA BRÈCHE, short film directed by Zoe Aréne, Atelier Réalisation INSAS BE


2018, RUSTED CHICKEN SHOW, short film directed by Kevin Dupont, La Skatoria project BE 

2018, WARNING, pilot série tv directed by Vincent Lanoo, Need productions & RTBF BE

2015, EVEN LOVERS GET THE BLUES, (additional) Feature film directed by Laurent Micheli , Grenade BE & Stenola Productions BE


2017, LA BAGUE AU DOIGT, (Art Department) Stop motion Animated short film directed by Gerlando Infuso , Kwassa Films BE