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Chéf Décorateur

2022-KILLER COASTER , serie directed by Nikola Lange. AMAZON PRIME   / LNP Productions FR.  U-Media BE


2022-ISABELLE STENGERS : FABRIQUER L'ESPOIR AU BORD DU GOUFFRE , experimental feature-length documentary directed by Fabrizio Terranova.  Wrong Men BE.  Kunst Festival. BE

2022-T'AS COMPRIS , music video by Morgan  , directed by Vasco Maury. Contresens Music FR


2022-L'ANNONCE , experimental feature-length documentary directed by Bruno Tracq.  Wrong Men BE.   Supermouche Productions. FR

2022-LA MINUTE VIEILLE  S8, serie TV directed by Fabrice Maruca.   / Bakea Production FR.     A-T Productions BE


2021-LA MACHINE D'ALEXshort film directed by Mael le Mée. Capricci films FR Bobilux FR Naoko films BE 

2021- EMBRASSE MOI DU REGARDalternative porn film directed by Rubis Collective. BE


2021-MARTHA , short film directed by Léo Médard. Stenola Productions BE


2021-CHROMAKEYMAN , short film directed by William Samah. Narrative Nation BE


2021-LA VIE D'AVANCE , music video by Ascendant Vierge  , directed by Roxanne Gaucherand. KOKORO BE


2021-SETTLE DOWN, music video by Judith Kiddo , directed by Zeno Graton. KOKORO BE


2021-LA MINUTE VIEILLE S7, serie TV directed by Fabrice Maruca.   / Bakea Production FR.     A-T Productions BE


2020- SAUCE À PART, short film directed by Yoann Zimmer.  1080 films BE


2020-LES ENGAGéS : XAOC , serie directed by Sullivan Le Postec & William Samaha . Slash FR Astharté & Compagnie FR. Narrative Nation BE

2020-EN FIN DE CONTE, short film directed by Zoé Arene.  Wrong men films BE


2020-PAUL GAZE , music video by Marine Dricot / Bilou , directed by Marine Dricot / Bilou. Bruxelles ma belle. Touti Drama BE

2020- FEU, music video by Pépite , directed by Roxanne Gaucherand. Kokoro BE


2019- LA RESSOURCE HUMAINE, short film directed by Adriana da Fonseca. Kwassa Films BE

2019- LE SOLEIL DANS LES YEUX, feature film directed by Nganji Mutiri. Dancing Dog  Films BE


2019- FOREVER, music video by Oklou , directed by Roxanne Gaucherand. Kokoro BE

2019-LES GLAçONSshort film directed by Sara Duffosé. La Ravageuse Saga BE

2019- I COMME, TV show , RTL TV I BE

2019- À PRÉSENT, music video by Marie Warnant, directed by Sébastien Alouf,  BE

2019- LOSERS REVOLUTION, feature film directed by Thomas Ancora - Grégory Beghin. Kwassa Films BE


2019- LA CLOCHE SONNE , short film by Ely Chevillot. Take Five BE


2019- REVUES, music video by Pépite , directed by Roxanne Gaucherand. Kokoro BE

2019- VORTEX , short film by V/K Kristell Chenut & Vincent Lacrocq. CANAL + & Bizibi FR

2018- DETOX , serie directed by Emmanuel Sapolsky .

Studio 4 / France Televisions films FR , Noon / KABO Productions FR, New Bee FRLes Gens BE


2018- THE HOLE IN THE GROUND , (Belgium shooting) Feature film directed by Lee Cronin . Savage films IE , Wrong Men North BEMade FI 

2018- FLASH, (stunt shoot) short film directed by Barney Frydman. Scarfilms BE , Take five BE.


2018- LOLA VERS LA MER, Emergence 20th session-France, support programme for feature film directed by Laurent Micheli. Emergence cinéma FR , Wrong Men North BE, 10:15 Productions FR, Lunanime BE


2017- REINE CROCODILEshort film directed by Charles Habib Drouot. Tact production FR & Néon Rouge sprl BE


2017- CROCS, short film directed by Sébastien Vanicek. La Ruche Production FR & Néon Rouge sprl BE

2017- AMINE,
short film directed by Noha Choukrallah. Wendigo Films FR, Luna Bleu Films BE, Ambiances asbl BE, Abyssal Process sprl BE

music video by François & The Atlas Mountains, directed by Roxanne Gaucherand. Kokoro BE

short film directed by Flore Bleiberg, Stempel films  BE

short film directed by Anne-Lise Morin. Hélicotronc SPRL BE & Ultime Razzia productions  BE  

short film directed by Roxanne Gaucherand.  Atelier Réalisation INSAS BE

2016- CABRIOLET, (set: appartment music video by Odezenne, directed by Marine Dricot. Cheval Deux Trois Productions Company BE

2014- LA LIONNE OU L’AUTRUCHE, short film directed by Isabelle Sebagh. Huis Clos Films FR

2015-PARIS LOVE CONSPIRACYshort film directed by Vincent Dale.  Correspondence films USA & Huis Clos Films FR



2018-LA TREVE S2, serie TV directed by Matthieu Donck, 
Art director Catherine Cosme. Helicotronc productions & RTBF BE

2018-LOLA VERS LA MER, feature film directed by Laurent Micheli, Art director Catherine Cosme. Wrong Men North BE, 10:15 Productions FR, Lunanime BE

Régisseur d'extérieur  / art dep.

2020- L'OPERA , serie TV created by Cécile DUCROCQ. 
Art director Catherine Cosme. OCS Tv . TELFRANCE & CIE  FR & BELGALINE PRODUCERS  BE


2022- rmx , album cover  Gaerald.   FR      

2017-LA BAGUE AU DOIGT, (Art Department) Stop motion Animated short film directed by Gerlando Infuso , Kwassa Films BE

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