Belgium - 2016

Directed by Ely Chevillot

Cinematography by Juanita Onzaga 

Produced by Mediadiffusion


Production Designer: Camille Labro-Meler

1st Assitant: Pia Burin

Set Dresser: Julián Gómez

Props: Julián Gómez - Baptiste Guiard

AWARDS : Best Short film, Sehsüchte Film Festival, Best Director at ECU, European Independent Film Festival, Best script and best acress at Festivalul Cinemaiubit, Best Screenplay, Best Directing & Best Acting at Cinalfama Lisbon International Film Awards 2016, Best Short Film at 4th Mal del Cap Short Film Festival, Best Fiction Film at 3rd Tetouan International Film School Festival, Special Mention at 4th Student International Film Festivals, TADGELL'S BLUEBELL MERIT AWARD -Best film of the festival at at 20th Auburn International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults, Best Screenplay at 4th Women Media Arts and Film Festival

SELECTIONS: More than 40 selections, including :Alcine47, 28th Sao Paulo Short Film Festival, Odense Film Festival 2017, 16th Concorto Film Festival, 38th, Cairo International Film Festival, 43rd Film Fest Gent, Aubagne International Film Festival, Brussels Short Film Festival, Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, The European Independent Film Festival, Paris, FFEQ - Festival du Film Étudiant de Québec, Festival Internationale du Film d'Amour de Mons, DaKINO Festival, Rec Fest, Festival du Film Court d'Angoulême, Cellu l'art festivaland many more...